Maxi 6 Door Wardrobe With 4 Mirrors & 2 Drawers


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Our Maxi 6 door wardrobe shelves and drawers is part of our 6 door wardrobe collection and is intended for large living rooms. It is a timeless and sophisticated modern design with maximum space utilization and suitable for relatively larger rooms. It comes with additional goodies,  4 mirrors, and 2 drawers. It contains shelves on top along with a hanging rail on the inside. Thus offering ample space for all your things. It is all you need to organize your attires with drawers deep enough to contain all of your extra shirts or even shoes.

The firm metallic handles add a  captivating touch which is bound to add a unique look to your bedroom and also gives it a stylish and unique look. 

For cleaning 6 door wardrobe with shelves and drawers, simply clean with a damp soft fabric cloth with a mild cleaner and wipe it dry with a clean cloth afterward. For mirrors use any good quality glass cleaner, later use a dry cloth to clean it off.


  • Wide range of standard colors.
  • Stylish and modern design. 
  • Secure clipper mechanism for opening and closing.
  • Firm metallic handles.
  • Made from the best quality super hardboard chip.
  • Six door wardrobe with hanging rail and shelves.
  • It comes embedded with 4 mirrors.
  • 2 drawers for organizing your things.





Drawer Depth:50cm



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