Alliance 3 Piece 6 door wardrobe set with 4 side drawers


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The Alliance 3 piece 6 door wardrobe furniture set includes a 6 door wardrobe with 4 drawers, a 5 drawer chest and a 3 drawer bedside cabinet. With its modern design, the wardrobe provides plenty of storage space for hanging clothes and folded items underneath. There’s a sturdy hanging rail at the top, with plenty of space at the bottom to stack up shoes and accessories. The drawers in this collection are deep enough to squeeze in every last T-Shirt, and the metal runners make for smooth everyday use.

The 6 Door Wardrobe comes with 4 drawers with 2 drawers on each bottom side and features a sleek and modern design. This wardrobe is equipped with hanging rails, shelves, and 4 additional drawers. Built to meet your everyday storage requirements for storing your garments and other accessories. It provides storage sufficient for any medium-large size bedroom. Whereas the chest drawer and bedside cabinet offers the storage to keep your things at hand.

Our products are made here in the UK by our skilled in house craftsmen, using the best quality super hard and sturdy chipboard material to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. Our wardrobe sets are available in a variety of colors along with nationwide delivery.

For cleaning your wardrobe set use a dampened cloth with a mild cleaner and wipe it with a clean cloth. For a detailed furniture care guide read this article on our blog. For cleaning the mirror use any glass cleaner or glass shiner, make sure to clean it dry with a soft fabric to avoid scratches.


  • Multi-functional and robust.
  • Available in a range of colors.
  • Secure clipper mechanism for opening and closing.
  • Firm metallic handles.
  • Made from fine quality super hardboard chip.
  • The wardrobe comes with 4 additional drawers.
  • It comes with a chest drawer for storing your things.
  • A bedside cabinet is also included in this set.
  • Wardrobe also has shelves and railings inside it.


6 Door Wardrobe 

Width: 228 cm

Height: 184 cm

Depth: 50 cm

Drawer Depth: 50 cm

Chest Drawer

Width: 77 cm

Height: 102 cm

Depth: 50 cm

Drawer Depth: 50 cm

Bedside Cabinet

 Width: 40 cm

 Height: 63 cm

 Depth: 40 cm

Drawer Depth: 40 cm


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