Byron Fabric Corner Sofa


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Get ready to entertain your guests with our Byron fabric corner sofa. While sitting, it’s a right-hand corner sofa with foam seats and plenty of room for everyone to relax together. You can use it as your main sofa or get it into the spare room to double it up as a second sitting room for grown-up families. It is covered in high-quality fabric and comes in champagne, cream, gray and black colors.

Byron Fabric Corner Sofa is a perfect combination of comfort and elite taste, this sofa is what every buyer searching for top class furniture hopes to find. A must-have sofa set for your house. This contemporary sofa design gives off an elite look that exudes its quality and elegance. 

For cleaning your sofas, vacuum them regularly. For a detail sofa care guide please visit this blog.


  • Available in a variety of standard colors. 
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Made of the finest wooden frame.
  • Covered in delicate fabric.
  • Available in 2 types of high-quality coverings.


Width: 212 cm x 185 cm

Height: 75 cm

Depth: 88 cm


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Left Corner, Right Corner