Matinee Single Sofa Chair


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Designed to take your personal comfort to the next level, this Matinee Single Sofa Chair is built by our qualified craftsmen with generous high-backs and a neat textured finish. Enjoy laid-back lounging with its super comfy fabric, which we’ve extended to the armrests for even more coziness.

It is available in a classic combination of gray and black. This contemporary Matinee Single Sofa Chair gives off an elite look that exudes its quality and elegance. And there are pieces of faux leather tailored around the frame to give this chair an even more luxurious look. Sturdy and durable, this reasonably priced sofa chair is perfect for your house and can also be bought as a set with our Matinee series matching sofas.


  • Available in a classic combo of black and gray.
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Soft, removable seat filled with cozy foam.
  • Made of the finest wooden frame.
  • Made of soft fabric along with pieces of faux leather.
  • Also available with 2 seat sofa as a set.


Width: 144 cm

Height: 90 cm

Depth: 90 cm