Vanity and Dressing Table Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Vanity and Dressing Table Ideas For Small Bedrooms

In a small space, a vanity or dressing table may appear to be pointless. But if you’ve always dreamed of having a dedicated beauty station for your morning and night rituals, these ideas might just work in your tiny apartment. Here are our 10 vanity and dressing table ideas for small bedrooms to make the most out of limited space of your bedrooms which will hopefully help you decide to come to a conclusion to design your room and place your beloved vanity set in it as desired.

 1- Narnia’s wardrobe

Open your wardrobe to uncover a dressing table completed with a matching, cushioned vanity chair. It’s built to look like the façade of the wardrobe and can be stowed away inside the cupboard when you’re done with your beauty rituals.

2- Cupboard containment

Stand-only dressing tables can also be concealed behind cupboard’s doors when not in use, freeing up space in the bedroom and keeping the clutter of your makeup table away from sight. Consider building cubby holes on the flipsides of the wardrobe doors to organize beauty products.

3- Find your niche

A wall niche helps to define your vanity area, creating a more exclusive feel to your beauty space. Having the area concealed into the alcove also helps to keep the rest of your room neat and tidy, without taking up too much visual clutter. A wardrobe section is another compact vanity area that forms a part of the wardrobe in the bedroom, taking up no more space than necessary. You can also hang a round mirror perfectly in the space.

4- Bedside table addition

This is an elegant idea by which your vanity table extends from the nightstand to form an extended dressing table that any person would be proud to own. Full-length mirrors not only provide the perfect accessory for this beauty station, but they also help to visually enlarge the bedroom, creating a sense of spaciousness.

5- Sweet in the en suite

In the event that your bedroom’s too much of a squeeze, consider moving your makeup table to your bathroom. Maximize the airiness and lightness of your en suite with a wall-hung vanity that also lets you slot a vanity seat in as well.

6- The room divider

You can also place small vanity behind the see-through room divider that helps separate the sleeping area from the walk-in wardrobe. It may be small, but it packs a punch in terms of functionality and style.

7- Workstation evolution

Have your vanity area doubling as your study table if you want to make the most of your limited space. In this way the large desk extends from the wardrobe, serving as a form of partition from the bed. The top flips open to reveal a mirror as well as storage space for makeup and accessories.

8- Wardrobe extension

Go for an L-shaped wardrobe, you can use a part of it as a full-height makeup station. With a mirror panel set at the backing, punctuated only by drawers that are covered in a similar wood-grain laminate finish as the rest of the wardrobe. Install cubby holes at the side to display the homeowner’s collection of bags.

9- Corner conception

Pick vanity sets that make use of a corner in the bedroom. Where a slim, wall-mounted table opens to reveal a mirror and a drawer for fashion accessories. Use open shelves built along the edges of the wall to display crystal bottles of perfumed concoctions.

10- Awkward affairs

Make the most of awkwardly shaped rooms by using slender vanity sets that attach themselves to a slightly recessed wall. Custom-built shelves by the side provide a display area for beauty products. And while sitting right next to the TV feature wall is this dressing table that functions also as a console.


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