Cleaning chipboard wardrobe

6 Chipboard Wardrobe Care Tips

Chipboard is an engineered wood product that is made by combining waste wood material from saw plants and furniture production lines. Resin is used to glue and hold together wood particles like sawdust and wood shavings. Most of our chipboard wardrobe collection is made of super-hard chipboard which provides a sufficient amount of strength at an affordable price. With good care, the chipboard can keep going long and maintain its appeal. Follow a few of the maintenance and care tips provided in this article to make your chipboard wardrobes and other furnishings last longer.

1. Keep It Away From Moisture

Chipboard is profoundly prone to damage from dampness and moisture. It is, in this way, never used outside. If you have a chipboard mirrored wardrobe or other furniture, you should make sure to protect it from getting wet. 

2. Clean It Properly

For cleaning your chipboard wardrobe and other furnishings made of chipboard are fairly easy. All you need is some mild wood cleaner and some soft fabric. If you do need to use water, damp your piece of cloth and rub it on in very small quantities and quickly clean it off with a dry fabric. It is ideal to work in small patches that you can dry promptly before the chipboard gets a chance to absorb moisture.

3. Ensure Proper Sealing

Every one of the sides and corners of the chipboard wardrobe must be safely fixed with a moisture-proof sealant. On the off chance that any side is left uncovered, it will soon absorb moisture and start swelling or twisting. Dampness ingestion additionally causes staining of chipboard. At the point when you buy chipboard, examine it and ensure that all sides are appropriately secured with sealant. We at The Magic Woods make sure to use the highest quality hard chipboard which itself is water-resistant and we additionally make sure that all the sides and corners are sealed off properly.

4. Board Flooring

Chipboard flooring isn’t as tough as hardwood and other wood items. High heeled shoes or heavy outdoor footwear can exert a lot of power on the flooring, along these lines causing irreversible harm. Protect chipboard flooring from heavy things by setting pads under furnishings. Never drag heavy things on chipboard flooring.

5. Ensure Adequate Support

Chipboard wardrobes are very well known and are used in numerous bedrooms and living rooms. If you intend to keep heavy things in your wardrobe, you must invest in a good quality wardrobe. You should guarantee that the wardrobes have appropriate support. Else, they may wear out under the weight.

6. Move With Care

Chipboard furniture is very appealing if it has a veneer made of real wood. Be that as it may, it doesn’t have a similar solidness inside. In the event that you intend to move large furniture made of chipboard, you can limit the odds of damage to the furniture if you disassemble it first and transport it piece by piece.

These are some of the standard practices for taking care of your chipboard wardrobes and furnishings. If you are more into DIY(do it yourself) remedies then take a look at this article at wikihow.

If you have any queries about the wardrobes made at The Magic Woods or any general query, feel free to contact us. Also, check out these amazing large size 6 door wardrobes and visit our blog for more interesting ideas and trends for the interior design of your home. 



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