6 Interesting Design Ideas For Bedroom Walls

6 Interesting Design Ideas For Bedroom Walls

There aren’t that many given things around which we can plan our decoration plans. One of the few, however, is that your bedroom will probably incorporate a type of bed. What follows is another given: that you’ll be left with a large swath of empty wall above said bed. That’s where the “givens” end. Read on to learn about some great yet simple design ideas for bedroom walls.

Hanging some artwork is a seemingly simple and straightforward choice, but in what configuration? How about something less obvious to mix things up a bit?. We gathered some dazzling ideas to spark your creativity and assist you with completing your sanctuary in style. 

1- The Gallery Wall

In the event that your ideal bedroom is brimming with life, hanging a diverse range of fine art which gives the eye a treasure chest of places to rest. The general look will be a lively display curated to your taste.

2- The Hanging Textile

If you love an eclectic look (or happen to be a globe-trotter with a penchant for fabric), consider hanging a textile in the place of, or in addition to, a headboard. Textiles featuring a plainly characterized design tends to read as artwork, while a repeating pattern can have more of a curtainlike vibe, however, both are equally as beautiful.

3- The Artwork

If for you “less is more” is the philosophy, then go for mounting a single brilliant, oversized piece of art over your bed. One with visual complexities, for example, a bustling photo or a heavily patterned piece of art, will have an invigorating impact. For something more relaxing, attempt a monochromatic work.

4- The 3-D Wall Decor

A sculptural piece of wall decoration, this layout is one of the more surprising routes to go for above the bed, which is the reason it’s the most likely one to feel crisp and energetic. The general impact will differ depending upon the size, shape, and color of the piece you pick. In case, if you’re concerned that the item isn’t sufficiently large to anchor the whole wall, center it over the bed and find a couple of flanking items to help fill things out.

5- The Mirror

If you love a bedroom with loads of light, fill the wall over your bed with an eye-catching mirror. The mirror will reflect the natural light from your windows to make your boudoir feel lustrous and airy. A large mirror is also a great way to give your room the illusion of more space by scattering the light throughout the room.

6- The Matched Set

In the realm of artwork, if the gallery wall feels too busy and a large piece of artwork is just too, well, big, a matching set is a great option. This can be a diptych, a triptych, or simply several works similar in size or style. Matching frames allow you to have fun with the prints or photographs while retaining the feeling of a coordinated group.

And that’s pretty much it. Using these 7 tips you can turn your den into a modern work of art. If you are looking for high-quality furniture for your bedroom, we have got you covered. Here at “The Magic Woods” we offer a complete range of household furniture at affordable prices and nationwide delivery. Feel free to visit our shop to learn more. You can also follow us on FacebookPinterestInstagram or you can directly contact us through the mail.


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