Best Alternatives To Bedside Table

Best Alternatives To Bedside Table

The bedside table is an important and useful piece of furniture, which serves as a landing spot for books, glasses, water, and any other item that you might need before calling it night and turning the lights off. Maybe you don’t have enough room space for both a dresser and a bedside table. Maybe a small storage ottoman is the only piece that will fit in your small space. Or on the other hand, maybe you essentially need to blend things up with a startling and unconventional design. Luckily, about any household item with a level surface can be utilized as a bedside table. Read on to find our top alternatives to the bedside table and to see which one is right for your space.

Nice Seat

A side chair isn’t the most storage-friendly or accommodating option in contrast to the classic nightstand, however, it compensates for that with a lot of unexpected appeal. Have a go at stacking a couple of books on the seat to make a table surface for a modest and compact lamp, glasses, wallet, watches, and other bedside basic essentials.

Storage Space

A dresser used instead of a bedside table can work in any size room, yet it’s particularly important for smaller spaces that probably won’t have space for the two pieces. Since dressers will, in general, be taller than the ordinary nightstand, make certain to take careful estimations to ensure the height feels right for your bed (two or three inches above the sleeping mattress is a decent standard to pursue).

Bring Natural Excellence Indoors

For a sculptural take that brings the excellence of nature inside, consider a tree-trunk table instead of a classic nightstand. In the event that you select a lower-slung style, consider adding a taller table light to guarantee you’ll still get an appropriate light for reading in the evening.

Multi-Purpose Desk

Desk that sits at the perfect height can work as a bedside table, filling in as a double-duty piece whether you’re sleeping or working diligently. The sufficient surface area lets you truly spread out, and many desks offer drawer space as well. This is a particularly incredible choice for children’s room that may not generally have the option to accommodate a schoolwork spot.

Wheeled Cart

The bar cart comes out of the living space and into the bedroom, dumping drinks and glassware for stacks of books, lamps, bins, and whatever else you should keep close within reach. We love that most bar trucks have two tiers, making them a practical and spacious option in contrast to a conventional nightstand.

The Mini Library

Bookshelves, regardless of what setup they are in, give a well-perused substitute to the bedside table or a traditional nightstand. In case you’re using a taller table, make sure to hold some shelf space at bedside height for your evening essential, and consider including a sconce if the racks can’t accommodate a light source. We especially love this choice for child’s rooms, since it makes books effectively available and encourages bedtime reading.

The NightStand Tower

Stack a couple of sturdy books over one another, and you can assemble a nightstand with no instruments, tools or carpentry skills. In case that you’re utilizing books of various sizes, make sure to put the largest at the base for maximum stability however ensures the books at the top are large enough to fit any bedside essentials.

All In One Storage Solution

Consoles and sideboards get the most love in the living and lounge areas, however, there’s no reason that these can’t be used in the bedroom as well. A smart answer for spaces that do not have a storage room, can store anything from spare sheets and towels to shoes and scarves.

So that’s it, folks, we hope, it will help you have a better understanding of how to take care of your bedside problems.

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