Guide For Choosing The Perfect Work Desk

A Guide For Choosing The Perfect Work Desk

A perfect work desk for your office can cause your workday to go a lot smoother, while an inappropriate one can make you hopeless. Right when the opportunity arrives to replace your office work desk, consider these points in picking the best work desk for your needs.

Will that desk you’re looking for suits your work style?

Will it fit well within the parameters of your office or work area? 

Can the surface of the desk take the daily demands of your job?

These are just two or three of the things you need to think while picking a desk. Besides, that is on the assumption that the right work desk can help in accomplishing your assignments in a comfortable, ergonomic and beneficial way.

Identify How You Will Use Your Desk

Mostly Computer Work

Select a desk or workstation which is designed exclusively for PC use. If you use a PC, be certain the desk offers appropriate space to hold the CPU underneath. Pick a desk which ha built-in wiring holes for electrical connections. This allows for a safe, protected way to keep cords and wires out of your way.

General Purpose Desk

Consider an “L” shaped desk set up to take into account both work and meeting space. If the finances and space are favorable, a “U” shaped desk will give significantly more space and makes a great presentation for clients.

Homework Desk

Think about a computer armoire if you need to hide work clutter in your home. “L” shaped desks are a decent solution and fit perfectly. Especially when your work area has to share space in another room like a bedroom or family room.

Give Your Back a Break

As we’ve all been told, sitting for longer durations at a time can unleash havoc on an individual’s back, particularly for people with existing back issues.  Offer your back a much-needed break by using a stand-up desk, where you stand up while working. Various customers agree that this technique also makes them feel alert and more efficient at work. Similarly, stools are also available to be used in addition to the desks. The present-day work desks are not some basic tables with drawers of years passed by.

Consider Your Workstyle and Tools

Do you consider yourself the creative-genius-messy-work type? If so, you’ll need more workspace than the neat-and-tidy type. Fore neat and tidy type individuals a smaller desk is more than enough for their work needs. The size of the instruments and different tools required within the reach on your work desk ought to be a thought when picking a work area.

Ergonomics and Space

Your desk should provide clearance for your legs. The standard work area height of 70 to 80 centimeters from the floor is adequate for most clients. While sitting behind the desk, there should preferably be at least three-and-a-half feet of room. At least three feet of the room should be available in the middle of the desk and another furniture item in the office, and right in front of the work area in case that you use a guest seat.

For PC users, consoles should be at an agreeable height from where they can be accessed with ease. Consoles such as keyboard and mouse on traditional desks may be too high and may cause you stress or muscle strain. Computer desks should either be equipped with a console shelf, or legs that can be adjusted. Be certain that any keyboard platform is sufficiently large enough to hold a mouse. 

Desktop equipment should be in easy reach and should have sufficient space so as not to overload the work area. If the desk has a sharp edge, consider setting a soft wrist pad along the edge to help avoid weight and stress on the inner surface of your wrists.

Desk Surface


A plastic finish that is applied to wood, laminate is reasonable, strong, and withstands more than pure wood or veneer. It additionally comes in a wide range of colors and wood grain designs. For a quality laminate that will better withstand daily use and abuse, search for a desk with a thick, high-pressure laminate cover. 

Metal or Steel

It is the toughest and durable choice. Although not the most professional in appearance, metal or steel decks are affordable and good for desks subjects to long term heavy use or for places with high-traffic of people. Better quality work desks of this type can be assessed to an extent by checking and feeling the desk’s general weight.

Wood or Veneer

The veneer is a thin layer wooden surface glued to a more inferior base. Wood and veneer desks generally look more attractive than other types of desk, but they are typically more expensive and considerably more delicate as they nick more easily and are not well suited for rough or heavy-duty use.

Quality and Durability

Metal suspension rollers show a sturdy suspension. Drawers should open and close with ease while bearing the weight. Ideally, you need the drawers to slide out to their full length to permit full and simple usage of space. Top-notch wood drawers are assembled with interlocking mechanisms. This is more sturdier than the drawers set up together with wood glue. With a steel or metal desk, take a look at the drawers when they’re closed. In the event that you see a hole where the drawers meet the work desk,  it implies that the work area isn’t fixed. Examine the corners and edges of a desk. You don’t want to see any fraying. The desk guarantee itself will give you a good idea of the quality, strength, and life expectancy of a specific work desk. Warranties commonly run anyplace from a one-year to a lifetime warranty.


Think about the considerations listed above when choosing your next work desk. It will fill in as an important tool in building up a comfortable, ergonomic and productive workspace.

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