How To Clean Wooden Furniture

How To Clean Wooden Furniture

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining wooden furniture, it is an errand, however, an amazingly awarding one. Wooden furniture, with all of its vintage charm, adds an alluring, a feeling of appeal to your home. Any wooden piece is a focal point deserving of all consideration and attention. It is for this very reason one must give its maintenance additional care and attention. In any case, it’s critical to recognize what helps and what doesn’t.  Here are a few valuable tips to clean wooden furniture that could help you maintain your furniture better and ensure your wooden furniture endures and lasts long.


A piece of sparkling furniture makes for a shimmering and sparkling room. Also, the perfect amount of dusting helps in doing as such. Ensure you utilize a soft, dry cotton fabric to clean any dust off. On the off chance that you could clean your sofas, tables and so forth on a bi-monthly basis, then there is nothing like it for your furnishings.

Minimal Exposure To Sunlight

Be cautious and careful about the exposure of your wooden furniture to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. It results in a phenomenon called ‘spotting’ where bright and dim spots show up on your furniture. On a wooden table, you could utilize tablecloth to viably mitigate its effect. 

Avoid Extreme Temperature

Abstain from using hot and cold things on wooden furniture for better maintenance. They will leave an impression that may damage the finish or texture of the furniture’s surface. Make sure that if necessary the exposure to extreme temperatures  is limited to a brief span of time and not for a long stretch of time.

Let It Age

Different furniture ages differently with time. And you have to give it a chance to age gracefully. Much the same as wine, it might procure new characteristics in its lifetime. Some wood may lighten up a little and others may darken up with the passage of time. So when you’re purchasing any wooden furniture in the future, be extremely aware of its maturing habits.

Keep Sharp Objects Away

You must be extremely cautious about not letting sharp objects excessively close to your wooden furniture. A scratch never looks great on your beloved furniture. Never!

Use Warm Water For Cleaning

You should use lukewarm water and a gentle dish cleaner to clean your furniture. Be mindful not to soak furniture for longer timeframes. Clean it until the dust and residue wear off. The leftover dampness and moisture can be cleaned away with a dry fabric afterward. These are a few good tips that you can adopt to maintain your wooden furniture. And the biggest tip is to do it with love. It’ll show and your furniture will glow!

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