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When it comes to women closet its isn’t as simple as a label. Each garment is distinctive and expressive. According to occasion, event, each outfit is selected. Casual outfits, evening wear, office wear, official business, occupation wear, the list is so long. Clothing quality always matters, and some women quality is primary preference and reason to buy. The world has introduced brands, which has made difficult for a specific class to achieve high standard clothing or branded clothing, affording such expenses is not easy. Comfort, elegance, affordability should be included in high quality and fashionable products. Thanks to the internet that provided us with everything we needed. Ideas to wear certain clothes, shirts, bottoms, accessories, home décor, furnishing and many more. It is introducing shopping online sites where cloths can be purchased at a reasonable price, and one can feel special by wearing them.
Also, thanks to the internet that has given us accessibility to do shopping online. It has made our lives so more comfortable. Women have always been shopaholic; when you look in women closet, it is elaborate. Yet, they cannot find anything to wear. Don’t worry; we are here to help you to get some fantastic ideas to glam to your wardrobe.
Let’s discuss the types of the shirt and how they can be styled.


Let’s start with T-shirts; it’s an evergreen item in one closet. You probably have dozens in your closet. You can style a T-shirt with anything. Some women also wear a t-shirt for formal wear. Its comes in casual wear, but styling can change any wear into a new thing. There are many types of t-shirts.
• Round neck t-shirt
• V neck t-shirt
• Collared t-shirts
• Knot crop tees
• Boyfriend tees
• Cold shoulder
• High neck
• Striped t-shirt
These t-shirts are comfortable to wear. Wear round, V-neck with blue, black, white jeans. So, add some stylish look to wear a denim jacket. With collared and knot crop wear cute accessories like earrings, neck chains, rings, with high heels. Boyfriend tees are most loved, and comfortable tees can be worn with shorts or ripped jeans. Cold shoulder and high neck t-shirt can wear on formal events with right choice accessories. Striped tee never gets old. It is every time favourite, wear as you like because it always looks good.


The top is every woman favourite garment item. Tops are most comfortable to be worn and make you stunning. They can wear on any occasion, event. Tops are the easiest choice when you are in confusion of what to wear. They come in very handy. Tops also have many types. Let’s see the most popular ones.
• Cape top
• Cinched waist top
• Shirt style top
• Layered top
• One shoulder top
• High low top
• Choker top
• Hooded top
• Asymmetric top
• Wrap top
• Tunic top

Cape tops have half cape shape till elbow, and its pelvic cover region can be paired with jeggings, jeans, skinny. Cinched tops flaunt your shoulders its summer season top-wear some long chains, a necklace with it, looks cute with a skirt or long jeans. Shirt type top has always been everyone’s favourite, and it can be worn casually or formally, it always suits everyone so its wardrobe essential. To add chic look wear the layered top with denim shorts. Jeans. One shoulder top gives one fashionable look can be worn with long trouser, Jeans.
The high low top gives an elegant look. Can be wear at the workplace. You can have variations in sleeves, wear with tights, jeggings. You are going to a party or club wear choker top. Wear it with plazaos, short skirt. The asymmetric top has a bottom hem with uneven sides., go with skinny jeans and high heels.
Wrap, tunic, hooded are comfortable to wear with elegance, wear in casuals with straight jeans.

Western shirt

Western shirts are button-down shirts that are designed with iconic yoke, a pattern. It is commonly made with denim materials. They have long sleeves and snap pockets.

Tuxedo/solid color formal shirts
Tuxedo is a formal wear shirt, designed for formals occasions. It’s a button-down collared shirt. They are full sleeves with cuffs. There are many options for buttons and cuffs. It’s your choice buttons can be covered or uncovered. Cuffs can be of barrel style, French style or a simple one.
Solids colors shirts give a sophisticated look and are for professional meetings, and bottoms can be dress pant or formal skirt, trouser.


A sweatshirt is for winters; their purpose is to make you feel warm. They are collarless with longs sleeves. Usually, wear in sports. Or some people love to wear casually as its very comfortable. They may zipper, hoods or pockets.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are also designed for women. They are golf or tennis shirts. The have collar and half sleeves.


Turtleneck shirts and sweater have high neck can be wear tight jeans, shorts.

Bottom line

Just wear the shirt which makes you comfortable and gives you confident feelings. Confidence is key to dressing. New styles of Women shirts are rapidly coming in fashion. But the title of favourite wardrobe is achieved by some shirt’s designs. Just keep trying to style yourself in new ways, new matchings, pairing with new bottoms and footwear.

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