22 gray living room ideas for elegant spaces

10 Gray Living Room Ideas For Elegant Spaces

If you are searching for gray living room decor ideas, then you’ve come to the correct spot, as we have picked the absolute best gray home decor ideas for you. The wall colors of the Millennium so far is gray.  And it is easy to perceive any reason why. Gray can make a warm scheme as effectively as a cool one; it can channel modern as well as charming traditional vibes; be calm and soothing or striking, vivacious and lively. The astonishing flexibility of gray is the thing that makes it so well known.

Each shade of gray is fit for making an alternate look, feel and style of the living room and the shade that you pick will be your very own personal style. Modern color schemes in general call for cooler, darker, sensational charcoals or near blacks, while vintage and classic-inspired styles have a natural affinity with warmer blue and greenish grays. Here are 10 gray living room ideas for your home:

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1. Create calming vibes with natural foliage

Cool shades of gray can have a calming effect on interior space. This can be enhanced further with the addition of natural foliage, a hugely popular accessory choice for 2019. The cool tones of the Dulux Gray Steel 2 wall color in this living room is the perfect backdrop to enhance the lush green of the botanicals incorporated into the scheme

Take gray from walls to floors
Annie Spratt

2. Update a gray country scheme with paisley print

Update the backdrop in a classic country scheme with paisley-print wallpaper in smart gray. Pick cushions and upholstery in lavish weaves, delicate clothes, and extravagant damasks,  to include charm. Be luxurious with finishing touches for a rich look. For instance, get serious about textures so window ornaments feel more full.

3. Use gray as a base for soft geometrics

Group cool gray and geometrics with primrose yellow sprinkles for a vintage look with a cutting edge modern twist. Keep the plan contemporary with gray walls and furniture, at that point, include warmth with traces of yellow in geometric prints and furnishings and character with a cool blend of retro accessories. Wooden 3D cube tables and copper details complement the retro vibe.

4. Curate a gray scheme

Who says gray can’t be comfortable, warm and welcoming? This scheme exposes that hypothesis. A hugely agreeable armchair is the ideal spot to begin, and this one surely conveys. Go for chunky knits, patterns, and textures to give a gray living room an inviting vibe. Curate a wall with monochrome prints and photography for a chic, stylish space that you just won’t have any desire to leave.

5. Start with a feature wall

A feature wall is always a decent jump-off point in case you’re anxious about working with another color. You could even start by painting a chimney. Or on the other hand, you could take it to the next level and commission built-in furniture from a neighborhood craftsman, at that point finish it in a profound dark gray. Organize with carpets and upholstery in a paler shade.

6. Use gray furniture

This traditional living room creates a striking feature using floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases. The unit has been painted the same soft shade of gray as the walls, allowing it to blend seamlessly in with the rest of the room. The gray of the sofa and radiator brings the whole look together while splashes of color have been added using the books themselves and scatter cushions.

7. Mix gray with warmer neutrals

Create a relaxing living room with a tightly controlled palette of toning grays and neutrals. Mid-tone gray walls and flooring provide a warm, inviting backdrop for a neutral sofa and rug and delicately patterned cushions. The footstool and lustrous throw introduce a deeper accent gray, while the painted wall is tailor-made for a gallery of black-and-white family photographs, mounted in matching white frames. A white lamp and side tables balance the darker gray accents, bringing the scheme together.

8. Keep it classic

If you fancy a more traditional feel in your living room, don’t overdo the gray. This wonderfully smart scheme uses a mid-gray on walls and built-in storage adds a hint of it in blue/gray occasional chairs but gives the rest of the scheme up to white, leather, and wood. An upholstered footstool and rugs are vehicles for the warm red pattern. The Chesterfield sofa is a classic touch in keeping with the traditional fireplace and book storage. It is the footstool fabric and mid-century-style chairs that update the look.

9.  Play with trends

Try a fusion of styles with this gray living room that contrasts rough industrial with global grandness. The gray-toned neutral color palette is the starting point, teamed with a mix of geometric print fabrics. Follow this with contrasting furniture styles, from the grand Chesterfield sofa and retro leather armchair to the industrial steel shelving and coffee table.

10. Go smart with gray

Smarten up a family living room with a modern gray and monochrome scheme with a graphic linear wallpaper as the focal point. Worried that a modern scheme might look too gray? Add pops of bright accent color on cushions and accessories. Bring in an informal element with a picture ledge positioned above the sofa – line with family photographs and favorite prints that you can add to and rearrange at leisure.


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