How to free up space and create a calm bathroom you’ll love. The bathroom is one of the only truly private spaces in the home: whether you have a bath or shower, a spa-like space or a compact wet room. It is a space in which to release, to unwind, and to clear off the day’s debris. Small or big, the bathroom, therefore, needs to stay clutter-free; no easy task in the face of the creams, soaps, body and hair products we tend to accumulate. Not to mention dirty clothes that get dumped on the floor, plus wet washcloths and towels that need somewhere to dry off. The solution? Great storage! Read on for practical, beautiful bathroom storage solutions for small bathrooms.

Getting Started

Before you get started on buying storage products, do a Marie-Kondo job on your bathroom, discarding items you no longer need. Also, consider whether you can reuse some of the bottles and containers they came in. Gather up all the items you want to keep and make a list of any other toiletries you need to buy. This will give you a sense of how much storage you need. Also, assess your space. Measure any corners or open areas where you would want to position towel rails, racks, corner racks, drawers or organizers. Take into account surfaces: what do you have space for? Make sure you have a clear idea of how much countertop space you have before you make any impulsive decisions.

Make Use of Wall Space

This is particularly important if you have a small bathroom where you need to keep your belongings out of the way of the shower spray. Easy wall storage solutions include floating shelves and wall hooks on which you can hang woven baskets containing your toiletries. Before you hang floating shelves and wall hooks, you should ideally have a sense of what you want to use them for. This will give you an idea of how much weight they need to support. And how deep they need to be. For example, if you want to stack books on a floating shelf in your bathroom, your shelf should be around 25.5cm (10 inches) deep. Because most books are around 23cm (9 inches) deep.

As an aside, the space between the bathroom basin and the mirror makes for a great spot for a floating shelf. Also, if you have the flexibility to change your bathroom walls, try building a recessed shelf into your shower cubicle. This is the perfect place to keep soap, razors, shampoo, and conditioner and it will clear clutter off the floor of your shower, too.

Freestanding Bathroom Storage Ideas

If installing shelves or carving out walls isn’t an option, consider one of these freestanding storage ideas for your bathroom….

Bathroom Towel Ladder is an attractive alternative to traditional towel rails. Additionally, you can hang pajamas here, as well as sponges or soaps on ropes. Then there’s the 2 Shelf Storage Unit. Decked out in white, this simple shelf takes it back to basics, letting your belongings shine. Line it with pretty candles, a pot plant or two, some books and magazines, plus any skincare jars and containers that warrant showing off. These require a bit more space, but they’ll make a statement while adding storage space to your bathroom.

Bear in mind that metal furniture can rust in a wet space like the bathroom. If this happens, a simple solution is to create a thick paste from baking soda with water or hydrogen peroxide. Using a cloth or pad, apply it to the rusty surface. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then scrub away.

Beautiful Baskets

Woven baskets are an appealing storage option. They look great tucked into a bathroom shelf, helping you conceal miscellaneous bottles out of sight. They also look well placed on the floor as a receptacle for magazines and newspapers, toilet rolls, or shampoos, conditioners and other toiletries. Choose a basket which is generously sized, making a handy container in or out of the bathroom. Go for the White Wash option if your décor is clean and cool-toned, or the Natural option if you want a warmer look. 

Chic Countertop Options

Accessories are the finishing touch to any space including the bathroom. The right accessories will help keep your bathroom tidy. By acting as receptacles for everything from cotton pads to bars of soap and bath salts. They’ll also look good, too, dressing up countertops and floating shelves. For a simple, chic look in gold and white, go for the Box and the Tray. The Pure Box is ideal for cotton pads, tissues, and Q tips, while the tray would make a lovely base for soaps, a petite vase of flowers or a candle and a box of matches.


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