Different Types of Sofas

Different Types of Sofas: 15 Common Sofa Designs

There are in excess of 15 distinct sorts of couches (love seats) out there, and these can be effectively classified by their size, arm, and back shape. Some are more unmistakable than the others, however, this guide would transform you into a sofa expert right away.

Let’s start with the basic and most common types of sofas:

Different Types of Sofas classified by Function

Typically we use the word “sofa” quite loosely as it is defined by MerriamWebster as a “long, upholstered usually with arms and a back and often convertible into a bed”. Nonetheless, there is other furniture which can thread on that gray line.

1.The Ottoman

The ottoman is typically used as a coffee table, and in other countries, it’s known as a footstool. For obvious reasons. This piece traces back in the Ottoman Empire, where it used to be a centerpiece for seating in what we call the “living space” today. Over time it has become smaller and acts more of a complimentary furniture piece to the sofa.

2.The Armchair

These are technical as suggested by the name “chairs” but these weren’t popular until the 16th-century as benches, chests, and stools were the common seating pieces. Presently armchairs come in all shapes and sizes, almost like an extravagance and luxury sofa for an individual.

3.The Loveseat / Sofa

In all fairness, the loveseat is pretty much the same as the sofa aside from it being smaller. In different countries, these are referred to as a 2 seater or a 3 seater, which kinda makes them somewhat various sorts of couches only. Be it sofa ( Derived from Arabic: suffah), couch (Derived from French: couch) we all would have a comparative picture in mind. Check out this amazing fabric Nabru sofa/loveseat.

4.The Sectional / Modular Sofa

Sectional/Modular sofas are certainly another kind of sofa, or seemingly a blend of sofa pieces set up together to make a definitive living room seating arrangement. The bigger families are, the more it bodes well to have more couches in the same space to oblige everybody. Sectional sorts of sofas grant the versatility of developing seating sizes, or downsizing by removing smaller segments should they not be required.

5.Sofa beds / Futons

While this isn’t a crowd-pleaser, the sofa bed serves a double role for homes who like to have guests over. Because of the developing trend of having smaller condos, sofa beds are turning into a need. Hopefully, in the near future, they’ll be a lot more comfortable.

Identifying a Sofa by Arm Shape

Different types of sofas can also be classified into the armrest shapes they have – there may be more, but we’ve managed to narrow down to 9 of these most recognizable ones.

6.The Classic Round Arm Sofa

Some people may call this Grandma’s couch, mostly because it’s a classic piece that has stood beyond the tests of time. Back in that time, the round arm sofa would have been complemented by a floral or patterned slipcover/upholstery. Today, it’s almost usually white linen or neutral fabric that gives this centerpiece more class by being stealthily beautiful.

7.The Retro Square Arm Sofa

Some would consider this sofa design a contemporary as well, but everyone can agree that this is another timeless look for these types of sofas. Once you add a skirted slipcover, it creates a different look and feels altogether for space.

8.The Rounded Wedge Arm Sofa

Another regular looking couch would be an adjusted wedge arm couch like so: This rounded component gave a large number of these sofas or couches a “designer” look, for the most part since it was more unique than the classic round or square arm sofas.

9.The Belgian Roll Arm Sofa

Talking of Restoration Hardware, here’s a sofa type that most likely represent them better: Due to its hybrid construction of a slope along with a round arm sofa, slipcovers would be marginally more hard to make for it particularly on the web. If you’re looking for slipcovers for this type of sofa, then it’s best for you to have it made locally.

10.Sofas with no Arms

Okay, this technically shouldn’t be here but since we’re categorizing sofas based on their arms this is a consideration. Sometimes you just want something with easy access from the sides, or you just want a super clean minimalist look. But when you want to leave your remote controls by your side, this may not be the best type of sofa to get.

11.Sofas with Wooden Arms

Simple types of sofas can also be ageless, especially the ones with wooden frames. Most of the time the cushions come upholstered and probably in leather, giving a very retro vibe. It has all the cushions separated, making it extremely easy to slipcover for multiple looks.

Types of Sofa Backs

Lastly, the sofa’s back is the last bit that gives a sofa its character and name. Let’s take a look at some popular ones:

12.Straight Back / Tuxedo Sofas

The general meaning of a Tuxedo sofa is when the backrest of the sofa is leveled/flushed with the height of the armrests. This is actually a quite typical sofa by that definition. Indeed, even a “Chesterfield” couch falls under this grouping (similarly as the round arm). Why these are called Tuxedo couches, we’re not very sure really, yet it could be on the grounds that these sofas were famous with gatherings and individuals wearing Tuxedos.

13.High Back Sofas

Contrary to the straight back sofa, we define the high back sofas as simply having a backrest that’s not leveled with the armrests. Likewise, pretty commonly found, arguably as prominent as the Tuxedo couch.

14.Camelback Sofas

Some of you may consider camelback sofas as an antique piece but actually it is still very popular among its admirers today. The downside of it is that it’s a piece that definitely needs to be re-upholstered if it gets dirty. As beautiful as it may look, practicality is still quite essential for most of the people.

15.Rollback Sofas

Another classic and traditional which we find tricky to slipcover. It is additionally being phased out by the more squarish looking kinds of couches or sofas. Regularly this sofa chair is complemented by round arms as well, which moreover makes it a “Grandmother” couch. Be that as it may, when it becomes endangered we may need to fork out big cash to get our hands on this vintage piece of furniture.

So that’s it, folks, hopefully, it will help you have a better understanding of different types of sofas.

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