Best Colors For A Small Bedroom

The Best Colors For A Small Bedroom

Stuck on a color scheme for your small bedroom? Don’t lose sleep over it. We’re here to help. Bold? Plain? Bright or pale? Kick the color confusion and focus on making your bedroom into a beautiful place. With our best colors for a small bedroom, you can dream big. No matter the size of your space.

Color Scheme

For optimum snooze potential, create a calming atmosphere that makes you feel zen. Familiar with color psychology? Here’s what we know. Certain shades can help or hinder a good night’s sleep. The color of balance, relaxation, and harmony? Green. Safety, nurture, and care? Pink. And for quiet relief from a busy life? Your new best pal is gray. The golden rule? Mind your tone. (Well, tones). Softer, cooler shades are conducive to a peaceful slumber. While brighter hues might stop you from dozing off.

Wall Color

Wall color woes? We’ve got you. If you’re building the room around a colorful bed, keep it simple with a complementary hue. If you’re starting from scratch, experiment with neutrals and pale shades that will show off your furniture, and make the room look bigger. Win-win. The best colors for a small bedroom? Pastel pink, pale gray or pistachio green. Sweet dreams are MADE of these. Our top tip before you takes the paint-pot plunge: sleep on it. Slick a few different colors on the wall, and live with them. Your fave shade will soon stand out.

Soft Furnishings

Textures makes your bedroom feel more inviting. And it’s an easy way to experiment with bolder tones. A trending texture? Try beds adorned with plush velvet, here are some of the modern velvet beds if you are wondering. If you needed another reason to stay in bed, this is it. Get tonal with fluffy cushions, soft throws, and bedding in contrasting textures. The enveloping feel they create means you’ll sleep easy, every night. And don’t forget to treat your feet to a soft, deep pile rug for chilly winter mornings. The lighter the better. Hit snooze, we’re sleeping in.

Wooden Furniture

Chip into the color scheme with wooden furniture in pale timbers. They’ll keep the space feeling light and airy. And those earthy, natural vibes will help you nod off in no time. If you are not sure where to start then try an oak wardrobe, gray desk or bedside table. The same goes for shelves. Because you need somewhere to show off your bits and bobs, right? And a pale surface will really make them pop. Then frosted table lamps and soft lighting are the perfect match for shelves and tables.

Tonal Accessories

Accessories are the best friend to your shading and color schemes. We’re talking tonal vases, pots, and planters that will make your space look more considered. As every single beneficial thing come in threes, stick to a trio of core hues to maintain a strategic distance from getting it too busy. Our preferred mix?  pink, gray and deep green colors. In case you’re longing for more colors, introduce some brilliant bright wall art. Pick pieces that include the gentle tones for your room, blended in with contrasting bright shades.


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