Simple Space Saving Ideas For Small Wardrobes

Simple Space Saving Ideas For Small Wardrobes

Sadly, we’re not all honored with the gigantic walk-in wardrobes that we came across in commercials every day. In an ideal world, it is stunning to have such luxuries, yet we need to manage the small space we have. Particularly in the UK, storage is very thin on the ground in rooms. Relatively few homes have any kind of built-in cabinet space, and in any event, when they do they will, they are mostly very small. 

In this way, we regularly need to manage with either this small wardrobe or get a standalone wardrobe.  Here are some ideas for making the most of that space, however small, so you can store your clothes well, be able to see them, and fit as much in as possible. Chances are you will have things in your wardrobe that don’t need to be there at all so it makes sense to sort things out first, and then you will know exactly what needs storage space. Here are 3 things to do before you organize anything.

Figure Out What You Don’t Need

Decluttering really is crucial, especially when you have very little space to play with.  Stop wasting time by trying to organize that which you actually don’t need. Take a few minutes to go through your wardrobe and whittle out anything that really doesn’t belong there.

Avoid Hanging Too Much Stuff

You may have just created a habit of hanging everything whereas there may be a chance that you can fold more than you think. If you start to look at how you’re storing each type of clothing, you can usually free up some space in your wardrobe this way.

Store Less Used Clothes Somewhere Else

Do you have coats, evening dresses, coats, etc in your closet right now? These things are not exclusively cumbersome however they are additionally used for part of the year. You may have a bedroom for the guests that could have a wardrobe for these sorts of garments, or use a hanging rail in the space if it’s dry and alright to do as such. Break new ground a bit of creativity.

Storage Ideas For Small Wardrobes

You currently should have precisely what you truly need in your wardrobe, and it ought to ideally be feeling a little lighter and more reasonable as of already. Here are some awesome tips that you can use to make more space in your small and limiting storage room, and augment the space you have. You might be astounded at how much you can fit inside when you’ve attempted some or all of these awesome ideas.

Dual Hanging

This is a really quick, and simple way to increase the storage in the same space and is something you can use with great outcomes. Adding in dual rails to the single wardrobe meant you can have two times the space for your stuff, and it uses the full height of the wardrobe really well. Another idea is triple hanging. This would work really well for smaller clothes in case of children’s wardrobes. 

Additional Shelves

Including an additional shelve or two can likewise help with storage for your garments, in a simple and easy way. There are two alternatives to achieve this, you could include a rack utilizing a drill, or you can use shelves that work on tension thus needn’t bother with any drills whatsoever.

Efficient Use Of The Floor Space

Never squander space particularly the floor space in a small wardrobe. Regardless of whether you can utilize all the space, or you can use half a portion of the space, simply capitalize on the space you have. You can use baskets, boxes, small shelves, etc depending on what you are storing. If you need to store shoes then stackable shoe boxes are perfect, especially clear ones so you can see what’s what.

Add Hangers On The Inside Of The Doors

Nobody wants to pass up on a storage opportunity, so don’t forget the doors of your wardrobe. You can use some hooks within the inside of the wardrobe to give storage to a wide range of things like scarves, belts, and even long necklaces. You could also simply use the stick on hooks as you can add these exactly where you need them. And you could also use this space for all sorts of small-item storage.


So, there you have it, these storage ideas for a small wardrobe will make the most of the space you have and help you store more in the same small wardrobe. At “Magic Woods” we are committed to bringing you quality furniture at affordable prices. Please browse our shop section to check out our large collection of wardrobes and all sorts of stylish furniture sets.

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