Important Tips to Consider For Buying a Wooden Bird Cage

Important Tips to Consider For Buying a Wooden Bird Cage

Birds need a home-like we humans do. That is why a bird cage is specifically built as a haven for your feathered companion. Picking the right cage for your pet bird is an indispensable thing to work for so that a comfortable and healthy environment can be prevailed for the little creatures to live in. Despite the fact that buying a suitable cage for your birds is a challenging task but with a little research and patience, a perfect birdcage that would best suit your pet’s needs can be found.

For man, as for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive. – D. H. Lawrence

The Interesting and convenient thing about birdcages nowadays is that there is a wide variety of bird cages available in the market as compared to the ones available in the old days. The birdcages nowadays are trendy and stylish and can truly complement the other interior of your house. Cages are available in different materials i.e. clear plastic, stainless steel, and, wood, etc. Though stainless steel and plastic cages are a wise choice when concerned with durability if you are looking for style and beauty, a wooden birdcage is a perfect choice. They are prettier and attractive as compared to other cages. Wooden bird cages are perfect as attractive decorations for any room in your home.

There are some important factors for sure to consider in choosing the right wooden birdcage.

Size of the Bird

A large size bird cage is usually an ideal size to shop for because small birds also need enough room to fly around. For medium to large birds, definitely, they would need large bird cages that are strong enough in order to accommodate them. However, if your birds are very small and are yet to be grown big then you can opt for a medium bird cage provided that you have budget concerns too but remember to replace it with a big one as soon as you find your little birds are growing fast. The birds need ample space to breathe, fly and exercise like us, humans.

Type of the Bird

An important thing for buying a wooden cage is your pet bird type. You might be thinking why is it so? The reason is that some birds like that of parrots enjoy chewing wood, so if you are planning to pet parrots for a long term then you should look for some other cage type or must buy a top-quality wooden cage. Remember, quality is always a key!

Type of the wood

Wooden bird cages are of wide variety depending upon the type of wood used. They can be made of most any wood like that of cherry, oak, pine, maple, and even laminate. You can choose the wood type of your birdcage by even getting it matched with your existing wooden home furniture. This would give an appealing and attractive picture of the entire interior of the house at best. You can also do a pre-research on each wood type before going to a shop to make a purchase.

Bar Spacing and Orientation

Yes, bar spacing is one of the most important things to consider.  Do not buy a cage with less spacing between its bars because narrow bar spacing can get your bird’s wings, beak, neck, or other parts of the body caught between the bars. Also, the bar spacing depends on the type of your bird. For an instance you have smaller birds like finches and canaries, bars shape and spacing does not matter much because these birds do not climb using their feet and beaks whereas, parrots use their beak and feet and to climb, therefore horizontal bars can help them do so seamlessly.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

Since you have to take care of the cage by cleaning and maintaining it frequently, therefore it is important to keep this factor in mind while choosing a wooden cage. Look for the cage that is easy to clean, keep a check that the wooden bars of the cage are not too narrow that cleaning becomes difficult. Also, never consider buying a used wooden birdcage. There are second-hand cages available but you must not compromise the quality over price because used wooden bird cages can pose a health risk to your birds.

In a Nutshell

Wooden bird cages can thus perfectly be blended with the décor and can also stand in bold contrast. The availability is diverse in styles and themes, e.g. modern, whimsical, simplistic, Victorian, Oriental, Tuscan, and Arabian. So you can choose the one that goes better with the color and contrast of the interior of your place to give a contemporary and attractive view.



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